Kaleo Sansaa can be best described as a newcomer enchanting the audience with a brand new style of music: Sun-Drunk Sound and Solar-Based Hip-Hop! Kaleo Sansaa invented the terms Sun-Drunk Sound and Solar-Based Hip-Hop in June 2019 to adequately describe her unique sound. It is music that comes from the center of the sun. As a result it sounds and feels pure and honest, created in a meditative state. Solar Based Hip Hop is an unfiltered expression of the soul. Kaleo Sansaa’s music is loaded with hypnotic experimental Hip-Hop Beats and centers around what she calls the ‚Solar-Based Philosophy‘. The underlying message of Solar-Based Philosophy is that the sun never sets, the distance between the sun and the people just differs as the earth turns routinely. Kaleo Sansaa describes the sun as her main source of inspiration, as reflected in her name ‚SANSAA‘: SAN= Sun, SAA is the Swahili term for time. Therefore, Sansaa means infinite sun or infinite suntime. Kaleo Sansaa has been nominated for several awards in Europe, including the award for best newcomer by Pop NRW in 2019. In July 2018, Kaleo Sansaa toured in southern Africa (Capetown, Joburg and Lusaka). During her first Germany Tour in winter 2018, she shared the stage with the popular US-American rap duo Oshun. Since the release of her first EP “Purple Moon”, Sansaa has been acknowledged as a multifaceted insider tip on both European and Southern African stages. After her nomination for several festivals in Barcelona, Kaleo Sansaa won the prize for best music video at the Berlin Shortfilm festival. In 2019 she was nominated by the INES Showcase Festival Network as an INES Talent. This year, Kaleo Sansaa returns to the studio: In February she released her second EP “Paradise not Lost”. The Cologne based artist is currently working on her debut album, which is set to be released in late 2020.